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Raising the level of QT-PIM competencies to cover from now the 1169/2011 InCo regulation requirements

Today, the new regulations ( EU 1169/2011  Consumer Information) aim more than ever at the consumer protection. The explosion of the social networks and Mobiles, lays bare immediately, the slightest error or the breach noticed on the goods in all stages of the supply chain.

But considering the random state in which the quality of the product data is maintained, it is more a risk of mistrust and infringement to the company’s reputation.

Actually, if the quality of the product’s source data  are not insured, then the transactional data (orders, dispatch devices and invoicings) will be false and the dysfunctions will appear in all stages of the company’s life.

From the risky forecast to the dispute of invoicing, from the chartering of inconsistent transport to the calculation of the absurd “facing”, the costs of the data’s bad quality divide up between useless manual operations 5 %, administrative dysfunctions 30 %, and especially losses of turnovers 65 %.
The synchronization or the alignment of the data of the Product thus turns out a priority stake in the relation Producer- Distributor.

To face this problem, and thanks to its assistant wich facilitates its use, QT-PIM is the ideal solution to align the product sheet of the producer to its distributor’s one. Indeed, QT-PIM covers all the aspects of the product sheet: marketing, commercial, logistic data and since June, 2014, the data bound to the requirements of the regulation 1169/2011 InCo (Consumer Information and images of the product)

Available 24h / 7j, QT-PIM assures the features of creation, publication and distribution of the updates of the product sheet with the distributors through the network GDSN or directly (peer to peer).