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    QT-eCom a mobile EDI

    QT-eCom allows in very small companies and even certain SME (small and medium sized enterprise) endowed or not endowed with an ERP software, to jump the computing generations and be in the front row to work daily with the large distribution or the specialized distribution without the handicap of the digital divide.

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    Why Q & T ?

    It has been 15 years since our knowledge strengthens and grows rich in the software conception around the quality and around the traceability in the production processes.
    This is why, today, our products as well as our on-line services articulate around the suite Q*T

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    Your reactivity, a prerequisite…

    Your reactivity is an absolute prerequisite to have some chances of success with your prospects or customers.
    Reduce your deadlines to publish a product sheet regardless the logistic declension that you have in catalog. Do not wait any more to return to the traditional applications for this aim.
    Receive directly the notifications from your client.

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    Identify immediately …

    With Codeonline, Identify immediately the authenticity and the origin of a product.
    Protect yourself from forgery.
    By simple capture of the bar code with your smart phone, discover the detail of the consumer informations or INCO before purchasing a product.

GS1 France Qualified

QT-PIM is a solution proposed in SaaS, part of the rare tools qualified in France. Besides, it is the first solution of the Africa and Middle East area.

Besides the cover of all the requirements of the GDSN specifications, Netconsulting Europe founder also guarantees the watch of this qualification regarding all the evolutions of the regulations and thus standards resulting.

So, and at the end of the 2014 first semester, QT-PIM evolves towards the version MR6 of the GDS (Maintenance Release 6), version 2014 of the product sheet directed InCo information consumer and multimedia according to the regulation EU 1169/2011.

QT-Source™ Agregator

Thanks to its search engine by Global Product Classification, Codeonline.info is a unique opportunity to be finally visible directly by the buyers of the large distribution on their own communication channel.

The development of the QUALITY of the DATA is from now on a market requirement

Until now, the quality of the data is the business of the supply chain … But it quickly becomes the consumers one,  connected worldwide.

QT-PIM cover the requirements of Regulation 1169/2011 Inco

Today, the new regulations ( EU 1169/2011 Information consumer) aim more than ever at the consumer protection. The explosion of the social networks and Mobiles, lays bare immediately, the slightest error or the breach noticed on the goods in all stages of the supply chain.
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