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A dedicated vocation for industrial and agricultural companies

Our Values

  • Commitment on the results besides the ways.
  • Listening and availability.
  • Surpass ourselves for the excellence.
  • Favor the efficiency to the effectiveness.
  • Respect of the ethical code of our corporate association.

Our Vocation

Help companies to exchange the products information through the supply chain. For this aim, we cover :
  • The inter connection of companies through networks dedicated to the product information like the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) around of whom our company is accredited.
  • A listening of the job’s needs in every stage of the supply chain.

Our Strength

  • More than twenty eight years of experience in the conception of business-specific applications, and the technical support in companies, in particular in industrial sector food agro.
  • Expertise in the traceability and the dematerialization.
  • Expertise in the Mediterranean euro project management.

Our Services

  • On-line business-specific applications in SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • Applications of flow towards Data Pool’s of the GDSN or just in time.
  • Mobile applications (Embarked), as extension of business-specific applications or of flow.
  • Diagnosis and implementation of master plans of upgrade of corrective, preventive , or improvement type.

Our Will

Answer with realism your needs by,
  • The progressive integration of the new technologies which connect the company with its partners in accordance with its existing information system.
  • The work in association with your teams which we assist the exploitation of our services and developments.
  • The cooperation with your computing suppliers to whom we propose an additional knowledge in their business skill.